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Startups drive innovation and growth.

I enjoy doing them, and now invest some of my time to help others with their startups.

Data science

Half the world's data is less than a year old. Managing data well matters.

My career spans fintech, telcom, adtech, and digital health plus some time as a spook during the Cold War. All these verticals use lots of data in interesting, evolving ways.


Board++ is my most recent startup.

Our mission is to diversify startup boards. This makes good business sense looking at returns. I feel it also brings substantial social benefits.

Startup Grind

150+ Countries
645+ Cities

We are a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

Founded in Silicon Valley, Startup Grind now spans over 645 cities and 150 countries across the world.

A fireside chat with an entrepreneur each month at Tigerlabs. Here with Pete Muller, CEO of PDT.

Startup Grind Global

This annual conference in Redwood City is a highlight of my year. Here I'm introducing unicorn Instacart's founder Max Mullen at Global 2016.

Startup Grind Global - Africa, Asia, and the Americas

Make Friends

Startup Grind Global lives up to the name! Every year I meet chapter directors and grinders from six continents. Here with then chapter directors Laís de Oliveira from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Sandras Phiri from Lusaka, Zambia putting the party in the after party.

I go out of my way to meet chapter directors when I travel, and encourage you to do the same.


What is Data Science?

Lots of different definitions in a frothy, fast moving space. David Taylor on Battle of the Data Science Venn Diagrams.

Data Science Interests

A few things I'm looking at these days.

data is the new oil.png

My current signature file.

Data is the new oil

Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity; so must data be broken down, analyzed for it to have value.”

- Clive Humby, UK Mathematician and architect of Tesco’s club card, ANA Marketing Maestros, 2006.

Michael Palmer expands on this metaphor.

Princeton data science

I started the meetup Princeton Data Science. I’m also co-organizer of the Blockchain & AI Princeton meetup. I’m very bullish on these subjects.

Laura Shin's blockchain podcast.


My daughter piqued my interest in blockchain when she went to Consensus 2017. Despite the hype, I feel this technology is underappreciated. Laura’s Brock Pierce interview blew my mind. I'd love to hear real world stories about how you use blockchain, particularly in fintech, adtech, and life sciences.